Driver on phone - www.vehicle-expense-deduction.comThis website will direct you to information that is quite useful in understanding how to do the accounting for your car expenses for moving, medical, charity or business use of your van, car or truck.

Consider the Actual Car Expense method. will be particularly useful to learn what is going on with the actual cost method.

The website is a very good source of education for the details concerning how to save money on taxes with the "expenses paid for method". That is technically called Actual Expense method. You have to consider if it will pay more as far as getting a tax allowance or deduction, than using the other method of accounting which is also hugely popular. Take some time to do the mathematics to figure which method will pay off the best.

There is also the other method of accounting for car, van or truck taxes.

That method is ...

Mileage Allowance

The Mileage Allowance or the Mileage Deduction plan is also very popular with tax payers for deduction or allowance, and can pay better than the previous method, so again, do the math.

The cost of operation vs the mileage deduction or allowance can be a large variation in money throughout the year.

It is always OK to pay less taxes as long as it is done legally and in keeping with the IRS regulations.

For mileage deduction or mileage allowance look here at: